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Welcome to Midnight Life Store, your ultimate destination for premium clitoral and vaginal vibrators. Our...
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Play With Me Blooming Bliss Green

Play With Me Blooming Bliss Green

Blooming Bliss is filled with a world of fun surprises! This cute collector’s item features 2 mini vibes that come snuggled in a travel-perfect, USB-C charging case. The mini vibrating...
Tongue Teaser  SELOPA Midnight Life Store

Tongue Teaser

This tireless silicone tongue flicks and vibrates with a deliciously flexible tip while the handle features diamond-pattern textures for an easy grip.Features: 10 vibrating & flicking speeds & patterns Height:...
Gumball  SELOPA Midnight Life Store


Discover the pleasure of simplicity with this playful wand that features a round ball head for targeted vibrations and flexibility to move with your body.Features: 10 vibrating speeds & functions...
Every Way Play  EVOLVED NOVELTIES Midnight Life Store

Every Way Play

Surround yourself with good vibrations inside and out with this wearable vibe that not only pleases deeply with a bulbous textured shaft, but envelopes you with a wide, winged shaft...
Twisted Temptation  EVOLVED NOVELTIES Midnight Life Store

Twisted Temptation

Add a tempting twist to your vibrating bullet experience with this shapely toy that feels good from its rounded tip all the way down through the winding ridge that swirls...
Ohmibod Esca2 Purple  KIIROO Midnight Life Store

Ohmibod Esca2 Purple

Esca2 is the next generation Esca; a versatile wearable massager with a built in LED indicator. Bluetooth®-enabled for app-controlled play, you can engage with your lover from across the room...
Cliona Purple  KIIROO Midnight Life Store

Cliona Purple

Dive to the deepest parts of your pleasure with Cliona by KIIROO; a powerful, pocket-sized clit massager. Cliona by KIIROO is perfect for anyone on the go or looking for...
Rocket Star Mini Vibrator  CALIFORNIA FANTASIES Midnight Life Store

Rocket Star Mini Vibrator

TOYBOX Rocket Star is a pocket size (9 X 2 cm), silicone, USB rechargeable, waterproof, personal massaging vibrator, in sexy matching color protective satin bag. Some, can call it mini...
Lelo Enigma Wave  LELO Midnight Life Store

Lelo Enigma Wave

ENIGMA Wave™, the latest edition to the legendary ENIGMA™ range, is an action-packed dual-stimulation sonic massager featuring a spectacular upgrade. Made out of premium body-safe silicone, ENIGMA Wave™ features 8...
Lelo Dot Cruise  LELO Midnight Life Store

Lelo Dot Cruise

LELO DOT™ Cruise is the upgraded version of our groundbreaking clitoral pinpoint vibrator. It uses Infinite Loop™ Technology that combines unique elliptical motion and a soft and bendable tip to...
LELO SIRI™ 3 Premiun Sound-Activated Clitoral Music Vibrator  LELO Midnight Life Store

LELO SIRI™ 3 Premiun Sound-Activated Clitoral Music Vibrator

SIRI™ 3 is a sound-activated clitoral vibrator that responds to music frequencies in real time and transfers them back to the clitoris as pleasant vibrations using SoundSense™ technology. It has...
Lelo Dot Travel  LELO Midnight Life Store

Lelo Dot Travel

LELO DOT™ Travel is a small-sized clitoral pinpoint vibrator ideal for those looking to reach new heights of pleasure and satisfaction during their journeys. It can easily fit into any...
Playboy Pleasure Ring My Bell Clitoral Vibrator  PLAYBOY PLEASURE Midnight Life Store

Playboy Pleasure Ring My Bell Clitoral Vibrator

Freedom to Play:Come full circle with Ring My Bell. This ring-shaped toy creates a unique experience ideal for those looking for a combination of light contact and powerful pleasure. The...
Playboy Pleasure Arch G-Spot & Clit Stimulator  PLAYBOY PLEASURE Midnight Life Store

Playboy Pleasure Arch G-Spot & Clit Stimulator

Freedom to Play:Back-arching orgasms are yours with Arch. Experience the feeling of fullness and steady G-Spot stimulation thanks to the flexible, girthy shaft that flexes with your body. Explore the...
Playboy Pleasure Swoon Metal Vaginal Anal Vibrator  PLAYBOY PLEASURE Midnight Life Store

Playboy Pleasure Swoon Metal Vaginal Anal Vibrator

This sleek metal Vibrator will make you Swoon with pleasure as it glides in with ease vaginally or anally. It feels so deliciously smooth against your skin, lifting your experience...
Viben Elated Pinpoint Stimulator  VIBEN Midnight Life Store

Viben Elated Pinpoint Stimulator

A compact, teardrop shaped vibe that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, Elated will heighten any experience in the bedroom. Elated features a flexible pinpointed tip that delivers...
Majestic Lotus  CAMTOYZ Midnight Life Store

Majestic Lotus

Indulge in maximum pleasure with Lotus, our innovative double vibrator! Crafted with two ends to cater to all your desires, one end features a powerful vibrating and thrusting bullet, while...
Satisfyer Double Joy  Satisfyer Midnight Life Store

Satisfyer Double Joy

The Satisfyer Double Joy is a couple’s vibrator made of body-friendly silicone that invigorates your pillow talk with breathtaking vibrations and passionate rhythms. With its ergonomic and flexible shape, it...
Calexotics Mod Chic  CALIFORNIA EXOTIC NOVELTIES Midnight Life Store

Calexotics Mod Chic

Embark on an exquisite journey of discovery with Mod™ Chíc®, a massager that's designed for precision and pleasure. Its soft, pinpoint tip is perfect for tantalizing play, inviting you to...
Calexotics Mod Flair  CALIFORNIA EXOTIC NOVELTIES Midnight Life Store

Calexotics Mod Flair

Discover the exquisite pleasure of the Mod™ Flair, a pinpointed massager designed for those who appreciate precision and power in a compact form. Perfect for anyone seeking a focused and...
Calexotics Mod Tilt  CALIFORNIA EXOTIC NOVELTIES Midnight Life Store

Calexotics Mod Tilt

Enter a journey to new sensory heights with the Mod™ Tilt, expertly angled for full contact stimulation that promises to leave no pleasure point untouched. This innovative massager is a...
Calexotics Mod Touch  CALIFORNIA EXOTIC NOVELTIES Midnight Life Store

Calexotics Mod Touch

Introducing the Mod™ Touch, a revolutionary handheld massager designed to elevate your pleasure to new heights. Crafted with your comfort in mind, its ergonomic design ensures a perfect fit in...
Calexotics Mod Curve  CALIFORNIA EXOTIC NOVELTIES Midnight Life Store

Calexotics Mod Curve

Embark on a journey of intense arousal with the Mod™ Curve, a masterfully designed dual vibrating teaser that redefines the boundaries of personal pleasure. This innovative massager is tailored for...
Magic Motion Magic Umi  MAGIC MOTION Midnight Life Store

Magic Motion Magic Umi

Imagine that the alarm time is approaching, and the powerful motor will wake you up. Magic Umi is an app-controlled clock vibrator with dual-motor and ergonomic design. You can also...
Playboy Pleasure Ollo Rechargeable Mini Vibrator  PLAYBOY PLEASURE Midnight Life Store

Playboy Pleasure Ollo Rechargeable Mini Vibrator

Ollo wants you to put a ring on it. Let this petite Vibrator become an invigorating extension of your finger thanks to its unique, grip-friendly ring handle. The tip slopes...
SVAKOM Phoenix Neo 2  SVAKOM Midnight Life Store

SVAKOM Phoenix Neo 2

True satisfaction rises again with more passion than ever before. This revamped version of Phoenix Neo offers greater control, more stimulation, and an experience you'll never forget.
Svakom Erica  SVAKOM Midnight Life Store

Svakom Erica

Take pleasure on the go. Erica features two powerful motors for internal & external stimulation. Enjoy the freedom to play solo, or give up control, with full APP control using...
Nu Sensuelle Triple Action Daisy  NU SENSUELLE Midnight Life Store

Nu Sensuelle Triple Action Daisy

Enjoy multiple titillating sensations with the satisfying Daisy! We took our wildly popular Trinitii and bumped up the erotic potential with the addition of thrusting to simulate a realistic and...
Nu Sensuelle Bobbii Magenta  NU SENSUELLE Midnight Life Store

Nu Sensuelle Bobbii Magenta

Bobbii is more than just a shapely silhouette. Beneath Bobbii's sexy curves lies the secret to its captivation: the S-Wave Plus motor commands 69 rumbly vibrations, this vibe allows you...

Welcome to Midnight Life Store, your ultimate destination for premium clitoral and vaginal vibrators. Our extensive collection is designed to provide targeted and versatile pleasure, enhancing your satisfaction and enjoyment. Whether you're exploring your desires for the first time or looking to expand your collection, our vibrators are crafted to fulfill your deepest fantasies.

What are Clitoral & Vaginal Vibrators?

Clitoral and vaginal vibrators are sex toys designed to provide stimulation to the clitoris and vagina, respectively. These vibrators come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, offering targeted vibrations that enhance your pleasure. Made from high-quality, body-safe materials, they are perfect for solo play, foreplay, or adding extra stimulation during intercourse.

Features of Clitoral & Vaginal Vibrators

  • Targeted Stimulation: Designed to focus vibrations on the clitoris or inside the vagina.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made from body-safe silicone or ABS plastic.
  • Powerful Vibrations: Offers strong, focused vibrations for intense stimulation.
  • Multiple Settings: Features various vibration patterns and speeds for customizable pleasure.

The Best Clitoral & Vaginal Vibrators from Midnight Life Store

Targeted Pleasure

Our clitoral and vaginal vibrators are meticulously crafted to provide powerful and targeted pleasure. Whether you want direct clitoral stimulation or deep vaginal vibrations, our products ensure you can reach every desired spot with precision.

High-Quality Materials

We use high-quality, body-safe materials such as medical-grade silicone and ABS plastic, ensuring that our vibrators are safe, hypoallergenic, and durable. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pleasure comes with safety and longevity.

Variety of Vibrations

Explore a wide range of vibration patterns and speeds to find the perfect match for your desires. Whether you prefer gentle pulsations or intense vibrations, our vibrators offer something for everyone.

Easy to Use

Our vibrators are designed for ease of use, with simple controls that allow you to switch between settings effortlessly. Their ergonomic designs ensure a comfortable grip and precise stimulation, making them perfect for both beginners and experienced users.

How to Use Clitoral & Vaginal Vibrators

  1. Choose a comfortable and private space where you can relax and focus on your pleasure, whether it's your bed, a cozy chair, or anywhere you feel at ease.
  2. Turn on the vibrator and select a low setting to start, then begin by gently massaging your body with your hands to get in the mood, focusing on areas that feel good to touch.
  3. For clitoral vibrators, place it against your clitoris and explore different angles and pressure levels; for vaginal vibrators, slowly insert it into your vagina, moving it gently to find the most pleasurable spots.
  4. Gradually increase the intensity and change the vibration patterns to find what feels best, listening to your body and adjusting the settings according to your preference.
  5. Experiment with different positions and angles to discover what feels most pleasurable, and consider combining the clitoral or vaginal vibrator with other toys or using it during intercourse for added stimulation.